Auto Maintenance in Denton, TX

Auto Maintenance | Strande's Garage

At Strande's Garage we are serious about proper auto maintenance. These are the services that will keep your car, truck or SUV running great for years and years without a need for extensive repair. It is important to pay attention to your vehicle's service needs, which can be found in the maintenance calendar printed inside the owner's manual. When your vehicle is due for auto maintenance in Denton give Strande's Garage a call to schedule expert service!

30/60/90K Maintenance

A majority of new and late model vehicles require service checkups every 30,000 miles, hence the 30/60/90K motto. During these routine appointments, vehicles will undergo a variety of services which may include electrical diagnostics, safety checks, belt and hose replacement, filter replacements and more.

Oil Change

The service that your vehicle will require most often is the oil change. Most cars and trucks need this service every 3,000 to 5,000 miles to ensure that their motor remains properly lubricated. The oil change process also cleans out the engine of unhealthy debris and fresh oil helps maintain a proper engine operating temperature.


If your car just doesn't seem to be running right and is in between major service appointments then it could be time to schedule a tune-up. During a tune-up, a vehicle will often receive minor maintenance that will help it to run better. This may include installing new spark plugs, replacing the air filter and fuel filter, battery services or fuel injection cleaning.

Timing Belt

Timing Belt Maintenance | Strande's Garage

Cars that utilize a timing belt need to have them replaced on time as according to their service schedule. This is usually necessary between 75,000 and 105,000 miles. If the timing belt snaps it could wreak havoc on the engine, resulting in massive damage that may require a complete engine rebuild.

Fluid Flush Services

There are numerous types of fluids used in your car to operate various systems and from time to time they need to be drained and refilled to ensure they are free of contaminants. This includes power steering fluid, brake fluid, transmission fluid, differential fluid, and coolant.

Never put off scheduled services for your car or you could end up with major damage! To schedule dealership alternative auto maintenance in Denton give Strande's Garage a call and we'll get your car taken care of right away!