Customer Reviews

5 Stars
"I've been taking cars to Strande''s for 30 years. Kevin, Danny and team are honest, quality people who know cars, do great work and charge very reasonably prices. There are repair shops closer to where I live but I continue to drive across town to Strande's because they're the best I've found."

5 Stars
"The place you can trust is this one. They fixed my car very well. I had many issues and they finished everything in short time. Thank you guys. I really recommend this place."

5 Stars
"They gave me a better price than other repair shops around Denton, and they did a fantastic job! They are very nice. Would do business with again, but hopefully I won't have to!"

5 Stars
"Strandes has been the primary folks for my Jeep since I bought it. My wife's family introduced me to the place as all of them have been bringing their vehicles here for decades. These guys are honest, hard working Christian folks and will not steer you wrong.... EVER. Stick with the local guys in everything you can, and in Denton, Strandes is the best of the local guys."

5 Stars
"Friendly and efficient service. Everyone there is nice and they are honest. It's hard to find a good mechanic but we have found ours for sure."

5 Stars
"Only place in Denton I would consider taking my car. Friendly and efficient service and they will do the job for a fair price."

5 Stars
"Strandes is where I always suggest people go when they have any kind of car problem in Denton. Kevin and the other mechanics there are smart, efficient, honest, and damn good at what they do. I've taken a 1969 van and a 2008 sedan to Strandes for everything over the last 5 years, and they always know how to help me out, and often how to save me some money in the process. Moreover, multiple friends whom I've sent to Strandes have come away singing their praises. They don't do every job under the sun, but whenever I've needed specialty work, Kevin knows just where to send me to get it done right. These guys have really earned my trust, and I recommend them without reservation."

5 Stars
"My radiator had a crack and I had to buy a new one.. Got one at autozone (who cares), anyway I called all around town on quotes to switch out my radiators.. I got some for $300 and some around $200+ - after calling Strande's Garage he quoted me for $162 for installation, plus fluids and tax came out to be $188.. Got my car in and out quickly, very nice guy, I will definitely be going back there if I need any other repair work. Tell everyone, he deserves your business."

5 Stars
"This is the only automotive shop I feel safe at. I've had my car serviced there 3 times. I went in for battery problems, horn problems and once because my car made a funny noise. They correctly diagnosed the problem with the battery (after I just came from a mechanic who did not) and they fixed it for cheap. With my horn they found a way to save me about $600 by avoiding having to replace a very, very expensive piece. I brought my car in for the funny noise (I was moving out of town and wanted to make sure I took it to them and not some unknown mechanic trying to rip me off) and they looked at it for free. They explained to me what was going on, fixed my check engine light and sent me out the door with no bill. I have slowly turned all of my friends into loyal Strande's customers and they all have their own "omg Strande's rox stories."

5 Stars
"The guys at Strands are friendly and efficient. I thought I had a major car problem, but the connector on my battery was just loose. They were so nice about it and didn't make me feel stupid, plus they tightened up my connector for free! This is a great family owned place, and I highly recommend it."

5 Stars
"Frankly, the most honest shop in Denton! I've been here twice and both times they were as honest as could be. First the shop came highly recommended from my father who was a mechanic in Denton for 30 years (now retired)."

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