Top Signs of Cooling System Trouble


In hot weather climates in places such as Texas it is important that you take excellent care of your vehicle's cooling system. Your car's engine already operates at extreme temperatures, so the added heat can cause extra stress that may result in overheating issues. With routine cooling system maintenance you generally won't have to worry about this problem, but if you do run into any of the following signs of cooling system trouble be sure to contact your local auto shop to schedule an appointment for radiator repair!

Temperature Gauge

Your car's dashboard is equipped with a temperature gauge that informs you of the current operating temperature of the engine. If the needle creeps toward the H, which stands for hot, it's important to pull over as soon as possible to prevent overheating.

Steam Coming from the Hood

If you missed the gauge's warning the next thing you will likely encounter is white steam pouring out from under the hood of your vehicle. When this occurs you need to pull over as soon as it is safe and legal to do so and shut your car off immediately. Pop the hood to help disperse the heat.

Low Coolant Levels

From time to time it is a good idea to check the fluid levels of your car, including the coolant. Low coolant levels will definitely lead to overheating problems, especially in hot weather. If you do find that the coolant levels are low you can expect to run into one of the following issues as well.

White Exhaust Smoke

If there is an internal coolant leak, meaning coolant is leaking inside the engine, it will often produce white exhaust smoke. This means that coolant is being burnt up in the combustion chamber! This type of problem may require more extensive engine repair.

Visible Coolant Leak

Coolant is generally a bright green fluid that is very sweet smelling. If you find this fluid dripping from the forward part of your car you can be fairly certain that your car has a coolant leak. Many leaks come from a rubber hose or the radiator itself. Contact your local auto shop to ensure that the leak is found and repaired!

At Strande's Garage we want to help keep your car's engine cool. We offer complete cooling system maintenance and if necessary we will conduct cooling system or radiator repair in Denton. The techs at our full service auto repair shop are here to help, no matter what sort of car trouble you're experiencing. Give us a call at (940) 566-2156 to schedule expert auto repair in Denton today!

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