10 Numbers About Cars that Will Blow Your Mind

10 Numbers About Cars that Will Blow Your MindWe rely on cars and trucks day in and day out to get us where we want to be, or more often, where we need to be (cough, cough, the office). Since it is so simple to jump in the driver's seat and go we often don't stop and consider what the car is comprised of or what it is capable of doing for us. The next time you're ready to go, think about these incredible facts about cars and you'll be thanking your car for all of the hard work it puts in for you!

50 - The number of organic compounds that make up that "new car smell."

95 - The average vehicle spends 95 percent of its life parked.

8 - In 1896 the first speeding ticket was issued to a driver traveling at 8 miles per hour in a 2 miles per hour zone.

18 - The percent of American drivers capable of driving a manual transmission.

6 - The number of months it would take to drive to the moon at 60 miles per hour.

267 - The fastest production car to date is the Bugatti Veyron, which is capable of a top speed of 267 miles per hour.

38 - How many hours the average American is stuck in traffic each year?

165,000 - The number of new cars, trucks and SUVs produced every single day by automakers around the world.

1 Billion - There are approximately one billion passenger vehicles currently in use around the globe.

30,000 - New vehicles are made up of approximately 30,000 parts, including all of its nuts and bolts.

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