3 Reasons Oil Changes are 100% Necessary

3 Reasons Oil Changes are 100% NecessaryThere are many lessons that get drilled into the heads of young people; respect your elders, no elbows on the table and change your oil every 3,000 miles, to name a few. That last one is less of a mannerism and more of a necessity for your personal vehicle. Oil is the lifeblood of every automobile on the road and it needs to be drained and replaced every so often according to manufacturer's recommendations in order to prevent massive engine damage. But how does oil prevent engine problems? Here are three things that an oil change does to keep your car running smooth!

Removes Engine Sludge

As oil circulates through the engine block it collects dust, dirt and other contaminants that may have made their way inside the motor. As these things are gathered the oil turns from a silky smooth to a muddy substance that makes the motor struggle to create power and it can potentially become starved for oil. When the old oil is drained during an oil change and the oil filter is replaced all this gunk is removed from the engine and the flow of oil is restored, allowing the engine to operate with ease and get higher fuel efficiency.

Reduced Engine Temperature

Engine oil is an incredible substance. It is not only capable of holding form under extreme heat but when it is new it helps prevent the creation of heat as well, thus reducing the operating temperature of the engine. Oil regulates the temperature by reducing the amount heat that that would be generated by the friction of moving parts if they were to rub against each other without a proper barrier between them.

Engine Lubrication

It isn't hard to guess the main reason why oil changes are so important. Oil provides the much needed lubrication that keeps the crankshaft spinning and the pistons pumping. Without oil metal would rub on metal inside the engine and eventually cause everything to come to a grinding halt as parts suffer extreme wear and tear from a lack of lube. If you don't change the oil your car's engine will suffer from the downfalls of dirty, degraded oil or a complete lack of oil, which will eventually lead to a need for major engine repair or an engine replacement.

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