3 Signs That You Need A Wheel Alignment Soon

It's a lot easier to knock your wheels out of alignment than you think; we have all done it at one point or another without even realizing it. The good news is that Strande's Garage can realign your wheels whenever they need it! Wheel alignment is essential as it helps you control your automobile and prevents premature wear of your tires. Here are four signs that your wheels probably need this service soon!

Sign #1 - Pulling to a Side

One of the most common symptoms of misalignment is if your vehicle pulls to the right or left side even though you are trying to direct it to go straight. Your wheels should naturally be aligned so that it goes straight. If your car is swerving to one side, it means that the wheels are not appropriately pointing in the right direction.

Sign #2 - Crooked Steering Wheel

The steering wheel can be a significant indicator of your alignment. Is the car manufacturer's logo centered on the steering wheel? If it's crooked, then that means your steering wheel is probably skewed. Additionally, your steering wheel may also shake. These are all signs that you are going to need an alignment soon.

Sign #3- Squealing Tires on Turns

Tires should be silent for the most part. If they squeak or squeal, then you definitely need an alignment. The reason behind the noise is that your tires lose their grip on the road when you try to hit the turns. Keep your ears peeled if you suspect you need an alignment.


Proper wheel alignment is vital for your vehicle. For the highest quality alignment services, please bring your car to Strande's Garage. Our certified techs would be delighted to test your wheel alignment. Please give us a call or visit today!