4 Symptoms of Poor Wheel Alignment

4 Symptoms of Poor Wheel AlignmentIt is pretty easy to control your car, isn't it? If it weren't for bends in the road it seems that new vehicles could essentially drive themselves. Imagine a road with no bumps, no curves, and no other obstacles; a brand-new car could handle this drive with ease since it is designed to cruise straight as an arrow for as long as can be. However, roads like this just aren't the case. But if you do find yourself on a straight road and your car is seemingly driving itself to the curb it may be caused by poor wheel alignment. If you experience any of these symptoms of alignment trouble be sure to head to a local auto shop right away to restore the drivability of your vehicle.

Pulling Sensation

As mentioned, a car that drives to the side of the road without any human interaction is likely suffering a symptom of a bad alignment. This phenomenon is referred to as vehicle pulling. You may experience hard pulling, which makes it feel as if you are fighting with the steering wheel to keep the car straight, or soft pulling, which is only noticeable when you have a light grip on the steering wheel and it seems as if the car drifts on its own.

Vehicle Vibration

One of the first signs of trouble you may experience if your car has a bad alignment is a steering wheel, or worse, the whole car, that seems to constantly be vibrating. This will occur because the bad alignment is causing two wheels on the same axle to be pointed in different directions. As the tires try to take the car in two different directions the steering wheel shakes back-and-forth.

Misaligned Steering Wheel

Another sign of a bad alignment related to the steering wheel is if it seems to be crooked when the car is driving straight. This means that the logo on the steering wheel is off center as you cruise the highway. That should not happen unless the steering wheel has previously been removed and reinstalled, and rather poorly at that.

Strange Tire Wear

One of the less immediate symptoms of a bad alignment relates to the way that your tires will wear. If two tires are pointing in separate directions the tread will begin to wear in different patterns. It is important to occasionally check your tires for proper air pressure and tread, and to take note of the way that they are wearing.

A bad alignment is not an issue that can be ignored. This problem can cause increased tire wear, decrease your fuel efficiency, and there is of course a safety issue as well, as you do not have proper control over your vehicle. If you believe your car is in need of a wheel alignment in Denton don't hesitate to contact the team at Strade's Garage. Our full service auto repair shop will have your vehicle driving like new in no time. To schedule car repair in Denton give our team a call at (940) 566-2156 today.