5 Common Check Engine Light Problems

5 Common Check Engine Light ProblemsWhen the check engine light illuminates many drivers will ignore it, thinking it is an error, since their car seems to be running just fine. Truth is, it isn't an error. The check engine light often comes on in relation to a small malfunction within the vehicle that if left unchecked will grow into a much worse problem. Be sure to get to the auto shop for further diagnostics if your check engine light comes on. The following are five common check engine light issues.

Loose gas cap

If the gas cap is loose, broken or otherwise ill-fitting it could allow fuel to evaporate out of the filler hose. This would be detected by the EVAP system, which then illuminates the check engine light. Be sure to always tighten your gas cap after a fill up.

Oxygen Sensor

The oxygen sensor is located in the exhaust system and helps calculate the proper air to fuel ratio. If the sensor malfunctions it could result in excessive amounts of gasoline being burnt, thus decreasing your fuel efficiency. This could also happen if there is an exhaust leak.

MAF Sensor

The mass air flow sensor measures the volume of incoming air to help ensure a proper air/fuel mixture in the combustion chamber. If it fails it can cause the car to run rich, meaning it will use excessive amounts of gas, thus triggering the light.

Catalytic Converter

If either of the two problems above are not with it could lead to damage of the catalytic converter, which is an expensive fix, especially compared to the minor cost of a new O2 or MAF sensor. The catalytic converter converts hazardous exhaust fumes to less harmful emissions and burning excessive gas can result in damage to this critical part.


Does your vehicle seem to be running a little rough? Is the check engine light on? Good chance that this is due to misfiring, which can be caused by corroded spark plugs or failing ignition parts. This can be dangerous for your vehicle as it will greatly reduce its performance and could cause your car to stall.

If the check engine light is on do yourself a favor and get it checked out immediately. For check engine light diagnostics in Denton reach out to the team at Strande's Garage. Our auto repair technicians use the latest equipment to pinpoint issues and get them fixed fast. To request an estimate for expert auto repair in Denton give us a call at (940) 566-2156 today.