6 Signs it's Time for Engine Repair

6 Signs it's Time for Engine RepairIt isn't all just about the check engine light, however that is a good clue that something is wrong. When it comes to engine trouble it is important to listen, look and feel your vehicle out to really see how well it is running. There are numerous signs that your vehicle could give you if the engine is having issues. If you notice any of the following signs of engine trouble don't hesitate to get in touch with a professional mechanic for further diagnostics.

Excessive Exhaust Smoke

One of the first things many people notice if their car's engine is in trouble is a large amount of exhaust smoke. Depending on the color of the smoke you can sometimes diagnose the issue at hand. Blue smoke represents burning oil, white smoke is an indication of burning coolant and black smoke means too much gasoline is being used.

Rough Idle

If your car seems to sputter while driving or at an idle it may be suffering from some sort of engine trouble. However it could be a simple fix, like installing new spark plugs or fixing a sensor.


Should your car suddenly die while driving or while idling you need to get to an auto shop ASAP. This is a very dangerous problem as it prevents you from being able to properly control your vehicle.

Knocking Noise

A knocking noise coming from under the hood often indicates worn engine bearings. This is a bit more extensive to repair but not doing so will result in much bigger trouble.

Fluid Leaks

If you ever notice something dripping from your vehicle you should have a professional technician identify it. Nothing should ever be leaking from you car. If your vehicle is losing fluid you're going to eventually need a major repair.

Check Engine Light

Always get to the repair shop as soon as the check engine light turns on. The sooner you have the issue diagnosed the less likely it will result in a big problem.

When it comes to engine trouble it is critical that it is addressed as soon as it becomes apparent, or else the repair bill will only grow. For expert engine repair in Denton reach out to the team at Strande's Garage. We offer full service auto repair for all makes and models. At the first sign of trouble call us at (940) 566-2156 to request professional auto repair in Denton or the surrounding area.