6 Symptoms That Indicate Your Transmission Needs Service

Catching transmission problems early on can save you money, time, and a life. At Strande's Garage, we believe that every driver in Denton needs to know the warning symptoms of transmission wear and damage. Below are the top 6 signs that indicate you need transmission service.


If you detect any of the following signs, please bring your car to our transmission repair shop in Denton, TX, as soon as possible:

  1. Red Fluid Leaks: Transmission fluid is responsible for keeping your transmission components lubricated and cooled down. When your car leaks this fluid, friction and heat increase, leading to significant damage. However, if you can detect the leak early, you may only need a fluid flush and/or minor repairs.
  2. Burning Smell: Low fluid levels or contaminated fluid can induce a burning scent. Please have a professional check to make sure.
  3. Unusual Noises: Automatic and manual transmissions often produce whining or humming sounds whenever something is wrong. Typically, the sounds are more audible during gear shifts. 
  4. Trouble Shifting Gear: If you're experiencing difficulty shifting out of park or neutral, your transmission needs to be checked. 
  5. Slipping Gears: One evident sign of damage in a manual transmission is gear slippage. While driving, your engine may fall out of gear and go back to neutral. This can be a huge safety concern, so please take your car to a trusted auto repair shop ASAP.
  6. Check Engine Light On: Did you know that a transmission problem can trigger the check engine light? At Strande's Garage, we can quickly diagnose your check engine light using the latest diagnostic tools.

Continuing to drive with one or more of the above symptoms can be highly damaging to your transmission and threaten your safety. If you need transmission services or repairs, be sure to get in touch with the transmission experts at Strande's Garage as soon as possible.