Automotive Safety: Signs of Brake Failure

Minor Auto Maintenance to Improve PerformanceDrops in performance are common as cars age and rack up the miles on their odometers. Thankfully a lot of these performance issues, which can result in poor fuel economy or difficulty accelerating, can be reversed with minor auto maintenance. If your vehicle is giving you any sort of performance trouble be sure to contact your local auto shop so that proper diagnostics and services can be conducted, but chances are, it'll take minor maintenance to get you back up to speed. The following are a few simple services that will certainly help restore performance.

Fuel Filter

A clogged fuel filter is going to prevent the correct amount of gasoline from getting to the engine. This will result in the motor struggling to produce power as it doesn't have enough gas to burn in the combustion chamber. Replacing the fuel filter is relatively simple on most cars and trucks.

Air Filter

Another issue that can cause problems in the combustion chamber is a dirty air filter. If the filter isn't allowing for proper airflow it can cause the engine to burn more fuel than necessary, resulting in a drastic drop in fuel efficiency.

Spark Plugs

Another problem that will reduce power and fuel efficiency is dirty or corroded spark plugs. If the plugs are not clean they can misfire, meaning they won't burn the gas at the proper time, which can cause the motor to run poorly and waste gasoline.

Fuel Injection Cleaning

Gummed up fuel injectors are another reason that the proper amount of fuel won't make it into the combustion chamber. Fuel injection cleaning is even more important on the most modern vehicles as they conduct direct fuel injection.

Oil Change

Believe it or not a routine oil change can help restore performance and fuel efficiency. By removing sludge-like oil from the motor and replacing it with fresh oil you will be restoring the motor's ability to operate as designed while preventing unwanted friction among its many moving parts.

If you have noticed any drop in performance head to your local auto maintenance shop for further service. To schedule an appointment for performance restoring auto maintenance in Denton reach out to Strande's Garage. We provide expert care for all makes and models of cars and trucks. Give us a call at (940) 566-2156 to schedule professional auto care in Denton or the surrounding area.