Common Signs of Car Trouble

Common Signs of Car TroubleYour car is pretty smart, but despite all of its sensors, computers and gadgets, it still doesn't have the ability to tell you about every problem it is encountering. It is important to pay attention to any signs of car trouble that your vehicle may encounter so that you can visit a trusted auto repair shop before your car bites the dust completely. If you notice any of these symptoms of car trouble, head to the shop ASAP, or else you could be stuck on the side of the road before you know it.

Strange Noises

Odd noises are one of the most common signs of car trouble. Based on what you're doing at the time the weird noise occurs you can often figure out what is causing it. For example, if you hit the brakes and hear a grinding noise, it is likely time for new brake pads. Or if you hear a whining noise as your car shifts, it may be time for transmission maintenance.


Nothing should ever be leaking from your car. If you notice a drip head to the auto shop immediately. Common automotive fluid leaks include oil leaks, transmission fluid leaks, differential leaks, power steering fluid leaks, coolant leaks or brake fluid leaks.


Can you feel your car shaking and shimmying? This is a clear sign that a trip to the auto shop is necessary. Some of the more common vibrations that indicate trouble include a vibrating gas pedal, which often indicates an exhaust leak, or a shaking steering wheel, which means your car may need a wheel alignment.


If your car is emitting a weird smell you should probably get it checked out. Different problems can create different odors, such as a gym bag smell, which is often a sign of mold in the HVAC vents, or a burning paper smell, which likely indicates it is time for a new clutch.

Dashboard Indicator Lights

Despite using your own senses to detect issues, your car still has you beat on identifying some problems. If a dashboard indicator light, such as the check engine light, ABS light, battery light or any other, comes on, be sure to visit the auto shop so diagnostics and repairs can be completed as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the worse the problem will get.

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