Does My Car have the Right Oil in it?

Does My Car have the Right Oil in it?Having the oil changed is one of those things we often do for our cars without thinking about too much. But if you were to check out the oil shelf at your local mechanic or auto parts store, it may make you dizzy how many options there are. It's important to note how your vehicle runs after receiving an oil change to ensure that the technician didn't fill you up with oil that isn't providing proper protection. If you notice any of these symptoms of wrong oil in your car be sure to get to a reputable mechanic for proper diagnostics and repairs.

Hard Starting

While particularly true in cold temperatures, the wrong oil can make it hard to start your vehicle in all types of weather. This is due to the wrong viscosity causing the oil to be too thick to correctly lubricate moving parts, which results in excessive friction and resistance while trying to start the vehicle.

Oil Leaks

The incorrect oil can result in sudden oil leaks because of how different oil types flow through an engine. For example, using synthetic oils in a high mileage vehicle may result in leaks because this oil type can squeeze into tighter areas that conventional oil cannot.

Decreased Fuel Economy

Too thick of motor oil can cause your car's fuel economy to drop big time. The extra resistance makes it hard for the pistons to pump, often resulting in the motor running rich, while simultaneously suffering internal engine damage.

Burning Oil Smell

The wrong oil can end up burning in your car's engine. This is dependent on the running conditions, the type of engine your car uses and the type of oil that was put into it. Your vehicle may start producing blue exhaust smoke too.

Engine Tick

Engine oil that is not thick enough for the running conditions can cause your engine to tick. This occurs when oil is unable to properly coat the engine's moving parts, so you'll hear the metal components hitting against other parts.

If you suspect you may have received an oil change with the wrong oil head to a competent mechanic. The auto maintenanceteam at Strande's Garage can provide a professional oil change in Denton that will ensure your car or truck gets the oil it needs! To learn more about this issue or to schedule any sort of auto maintenance in Denton give us a call at (940) 566-2156 today.