Does My Car Need Radiator Repair?

Does My Car Need Radiator Repair?Within seconds of turning on your vehicle's engine the motor heats up to incredibly high temperatures. If it weren't for the cooling system the engine would essentially melt itself. The cooling system, which includes such parts as the radiator, cooling fan, thermostat and water pump, pushes coolant through the engine to trap and remove heat. It is important that you get to a repair shop as soon as possible if you notice any of the following signs of cooling system failure.

Rising temperature gauge

One of the first signs you may notice if your car's cooling system is not operating as it should is a dashboard engine temperature gauge rising into the red zone. If you notice a skyrocketing temperature gauge be sure to pull over as soon as possible to allow the engine to cool down before major damage occurs.

Steaming hood

If you miss the rising gauge it is likely you will encounter white steam pouring out from under the hood. This is a positive sign that your car is currently overheating. As soon as it is safe and legal to do so pull your vehicle over and contact a local repair shop.

Low coolant levels

From time to time it is smart to check your vehicle's fluid levels. This includes the coolant, but be sure to check it when the engine is cold. If your coolant level is found to be low it is likely you will also encounter one of the following issues.

White exhaust smoke

White exhaust smoke is a sign that coolant is being burnt up inside the combustion chamber. This unfortunately means your car may be in need of a serious repair to the engine. Be sure to visit your auto repair shop for further diagnostics to prevent the damage from getting worse.

Visible coolant leak

One of the most definitive signs of a cooling system problem is a visible coolant leak. Coolant is generally bright green in color and is very sweet smelling. If you notice a fluid collecting under the front of your car that fits this description be sure to contact your local auto repair shop as soon as possible.

Do not ignore signs of cooling system trouble! If your car is in need of cooling system or radiator repair in Denton, TX, visit the crew at Strande's Garage. Our full service auto repair shop can handle an issue that your vehicle is suffering from. Give us a call at (940) 566-2156 to request more info or to schedule auto repair in Denton today.