Does My Car Need Transmission Service?

Does My Car Need Transmission Service?The transmission is a complex mechanism with an important job, which is to transfer the power created by the engine to the wheels. If the transmission is unable to operate as it was designed to do so, you will need to visit the repair shop, or else you may end up with a car unable to move. There are several common signs of transmission trouble, including the following. At the first sign of a problem be sure to contact a reputable transmission repair shop.

Grinding Sounds

One of the most common symptoms of transmission trouble is a grinding, whining or squealing noise that occurs as the transmission shifts. This can occur with both automatic and manual transmissions and can represent a few different issues, including low tranny fluid or worn gear teeth.

Popping Out of Gear

If your manual transmission vehicle pops out of gear as you accelerate in first gear there is a good chance that the clutch plate has worn thin. However, this issue can also be caused by engine oil leaking onto the clutch plate, resulting in excessive lubrication.

Delayed Shifting

If your automatic transmission equipped vehicle has a tendency to rev the engine high while shifting through the gears as you motor forward, your vehicle is almost certainly low on fluid, which likely means there is a leak.

Can't get into Gear

In both manual and automatic vehicles a sure sign of trouble is if you can't shift into a particular gear. With an automatic transmission this may mean being unable to get into drive, or the vehicle may be unable to shift itself into a forward gear as you drive, resulting in the vehicle not shifting at all, and peaking engine RPMs, which can result in motor damage.

Transmission Fluid Leak

The most visible clue that your vehicle is in need of transmission service is if you find a puddle of red liquid under your car. Transmission fluid offers critical lubrication and cooling to the interior parts of your tranny. If the vehicle is low on this fluid excessive wear will occur, resulting in a number of issues, including most of the above, and others.

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