Easy Ways to Improve Fuel Efficiency this Summer

Easy Ways to Improve Fuel Efficiency this SummerThe summer months tend to see people spending a lot more time in their cars than normal. Summer vacations often call for road trips to places near and far. But before you jump into your car and hit the highway be sure the vehicle is up to the task and is going to get the best fuel efficiency possible. The following tips will keep you on the road longer and out of the gas station.

Auto Maintenance Tips

All cars require routine maintenance to ensure that they are continue to run great. The following ideas are fairly simply and will help improve your MPGs.

  • Inflate your tires - Tires that are underinflated take make engine power to spin. Be sure to check your tire pressure and if necessary, pump them up!
  • Keep up with routine auto maintenance - Check the service schedule inside your owner's manual to see when your car is due for service. By keeping up with factory maintenances you'll keep your engine running at peak performance.
  • Change the spark plugs - If it has been a few years since this service has been done it would be wise to have new spark plugs installed. Corroded or dirty spark plugs will cause the engine to misfire, which is a huge waste of gas.
  • Replace the air filter - A dirty air filter can prevent the vehicle from creating the correct air/fuel mixture and as a result will burn excessive fuel to make up for the lack of air.

Driving Tips

Improve your driving habits to improve your fuel efficiency!

  • Drive the speed limit - When on the highway it is important to follow speed limit signs. Most cars get their best fuel efficiency at around 60 miles per hour, a common MPH sign.
  • Use cruise control - Using cruise control prevents your engine from revving up and down excessively. This can help save gas!
  • Don't idle - If you stop to get out of the car, even for a minute, you should shut it off. While older cars do use extra gas to get started, new ones do not.

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