Help! Why has My Car Broke Down!

Help! Why has My Car Broke Down!We totally get it, because even as mechanics, we've been there too. A breakdown is not only frustrating, but it can be confusing, especially if your car or truck showed no signs of trouble before having issues starting, suddenly shutting off, or coming to a harsh halt. While diagnosing car trouble on the side of the road may not help you get to where you need to be any faster, perhaps after reading through these common causes of breakdowns you'll find some comfort in having some understanding of what's wrong. Remember, no matter what you drive or how new your vehicle is, all cars, trucks and SUVs are susceptible to a break down under the right, or should we say wrong, conditions.

Auto Electric Failure

The auto electric system in your car includes the ignition, alternator, spark plugs, starter and of course the battery. Issues with any of these components, as well as electrical relays, fuses and wiring, could contribute to a breakdown. The most common reason that you won't be able to start your car is a dead battery, but it can die for a variety of reasons, including a failed alternator or leaving on the lights. Our team can complete thorough diagnostics on your car's electrical system to identify exactly what is wrong and get you back on the road fast.

Failed Transmission

Crunching, whining, and grinding noises are often signs that your vehicle's transmission is having issues. Putting off transmission service and repairs can lead to bigger issues that could prevent your car from moving at all.

Engine Issues

A number of things could go wrong with the engine that will result in the need to pull over. A common problem is overheating, which can occur if the cooling system is not operating as designed. Another regular issue is a snapped belt, such as a serpentine or timing belt. It is important to stay up to date with scheduled maintenance to prevent these issues from happening.

Tire Problems

Pop! A flat tire could cause you to suddenly swerve if you're driving down the road, and it is certainly going to make the steering wheel rattle. If you suspect a flat tire pull over immediately to prevent damage to the rims. A spare will get you to the auto shop, but if it's not a full-size, be sure to follow the speed limitations of the tire.

Faulty Fuel System

First off, is there gas in the tank? If the answer is yes, but when you turn the key the engine turns over and over without starting, there could be a fuel delivery problem. This could entail a broken fuel pump, a clogged fuel filter or dirty fuel injectors.

It can be a major bummer if your car won't start or suddenly shuts off. The one thing that you can look forward to is fast and effective auto repair in Denton from Strande's Garage. We know that if you're using our services, things may not be going as planned, which is why we work quickly to get our friends and neighbors back on the road. At the first sign of car trouble, or if you've suffered a breakdown in Denton, give Strande's a call at (940) 566-2156 for quality auto repair that you can trust.