How to Tell if it is Time for Suspension Repair

How to Tell if it is Time for Suspension RepairThe suspension system of your car has a few purposes. While it is mainly understood as a comfort feature that helps prevent excessive bouncing by absorbing the bumps and dips in the roadway, it also ensures all four wheels remain on the ground. As a comfort and safety component it is important that you provide it with any repairs and maintenance it may need throughout the car's lifetime. If you ever notice any of the following symptoms of suspension failure be sure to contact your local auto shop.

One corner is low

Does it seem as if one corner of your car is dipped, but the tire itself is fully inflated? This may indicate failed suspension parts. If the shock or spring has collapsed on itself it will result in the dipping, which can cause the car to be more difficult to control and also cause excessive tire wear.

Oil on the shocks

Hydraulic shocks use a special oil to help absorb the unevenness of the road. If the your car doesn't seem quite as comfortable as it used to, run a rag over the shocks to see if there is any oil on them. This would be a clear indication of a cracked housing, resulting in leaking hydraulic oil.

Rolling sensation

One of the scarier signs of suspension trouble is the feeling that your vehicle is going to rollover or otherwise go out of control while cornering. If you get this gut-wrenching sensation it could indicate the failure of the anti-sway bar, which is designed to shift the vehicle's center of gravity while cornering.

Excessive bouncing

If you believe your vehicle is suffering from failed suspension parts you can perform a quick test to test your hypothesis. Push on the hood or trunk of your car or truck to get it to start bouncing up and down. Once you stop pushing the vehicle should return to a stable state after 3 to 4 bounces. Any more than that and it is likely your vehicle could benefit from suspension service.

Suspension is a key safety component of your car, so be sure to have it serviced if it is having trouble performing. For professional suspension repair in Denton, TX, visit the crew at Strande's Garage. We will ensure that your car is properly cared for by providing it with the highest quality auto repair and care. To learn more about our Denton auto repair shop or to schedule service give us a call at (940) 566-2156 today.