If this Happens it is Time for Clutch Repair

If this Happens it is Time for Clutch RepairWhile the standard transmission is quickly, and for some people, unfortunately, becoming a thing of the past, many folks still prefer to use three pedals instead of two. There are benefits to driving a stick shift, especially when it comes to late model or older vehicles. They often get better gas mileage and you simply have better control over your vehicle's acceleration.

While new automatic transmission vehicles are ran extensively by high tech computers, there are still a few manufacturers that offer a stick, mainly in their commuters or high performance vehicles. Whatever you drive, so long as it's a manual transmission, it is important to pay attention for signs of clutch trouble. That third pedal and the parts behind it do need attention from time to time. If you run into any of the following three problems be sure to make an appointment for clutch repair right away.

Burning smell while shifting

One of the most common signs of clutch trouble is usually reminiscent of first learning how to drive a stick shift. Do you remember that burning smell that would arise as you tried to accelerate out of first gear? Well if that odor is apparent now that you have been operating a stick shift for some time it probably means that the clutch plate has worn thin and needs to be replaced. This smell may also come about if you find yourself stuck in rush hour traffic and are using the clutch a lot more than normal.

Soft or spongy clutch pedal

Some clutch systems use hydraulic force to operate the linkage. If the linkage fails someone it will result in the clutch either being very difficult to push, or too easy to push. Either way you will want to speak with a technician to find out what is going on. If the hydraulic fluid begins to leak it could result in the pedal becoming soft since there is no longer pressure being formed by the hydraulic system. This will generally result in a need for replacing the linkage.

Transmission falls out of gear

If your transmission seems to fall out of gear or pops into neutral unannounced it is likely that the clutch plate is greatly worn down. However this issue could be attributed to an oil leak dripping onto the clutch plate and causing excessive lubrication, which could cause the transmission to fall out of gear.

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