Increase your MPGs this Summer with Simple Auto Maintenance

Increase your MPGs this Summer with Simple Auto MaintenanceThere are a few simple maintenance services you can have completed to your vehicle to improve its current MPGs, which would be a great idea to do now as we head into the summer driving season. In addition to the tune up there are a few good driving habits to keep your fuel efficiency up as well. Check out these simple tips to get better miles per gallon so you can spend more time on the road and less money at the gas station during your next road trip!

Auto Maintenance Tips

Routine auto maintenance is crucial in order to extend the life of your vehicle, but it also helps improve MPGs Check out these simple maintenance tips to increase your fuel economy.

  • Keep tires properly inflated - Tires that are under-inflated take more power from the engine to turn, so keep that rubber pumped up!
  • Change the spark plugs - Spark plugs are what create the tiny explosion that powers the pistons up and down. If the plugs become dirty they may misfire, which is not only a big waste of fuel but can cause damage to the engine.
  • Replace the air filter - A clogged air filter can prevent the proper amount of air from mixing with the fuel to create a smooth running engine. The vehicle will burn addition gas to compensate!
  • Keep up with scheduled maintenance - Your vehicle has a service schedule in its owner's manual. Be sure to always have these maintenances completed, including changing the oil on time!

Simple Driving Tips

By following these easy driving tips you can improve your MPGs!

  • Lighten the load - If you have any excess weight in your car you should remove it, For every extra 100 pounds your fuel efficiency can drop between 2-3%.
  • Drive the speed limit - Most cars are designed to get maximum fuel efficiency at about 55-60 MPG, a common speed limit on many highways. The faster you go above this the more fuel your car will need to use to make the engine work harder.
  • Avoid long idles - There is no reason to let cars idle. If you're going to be stopped in your car for more than a minute or so, shut it off!

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