Is it Safe to Drive With the Engine Oil Warning Light On?

Is it safe to drive with the engine oil light on? I wouldn't recommend it! When the engine light illuminates, that's usually an indication that something is not right. The light may also indicate that you are either low on engine oil, or that your care is due for an oil change.


When the engine light comes on, the problem could be as small as the gas cap hatch being left off after filling your tank with gas (I've witnessed cars drive away with the gas cap hatch hanging by a thread). Or, it could be as big as a misfire in your engine. Regardless of how big or small the problem is, listen to your car when it "tells" you something is wrong. If your engine oil light comes on, pull over immediately and assess the situation. More than likely, you may need your car taken in for service. It may be an inconvenience taking your car into the shop, but think of the life or lives you may save by paying attention to the flashing, little orange oil light symbol!


To make sure you're not driving with little to no oil in your car, be sure to have an oil change every 3,000 to 5,000 miles (depending on the make, model, and age of the car) or every three months, whichever comes first. It's also wise to know what kind of oil you use and keep a few bottles of engine oil in your car -synthetic or non-synthetic - and a funnel in case you need an emergency refill. You should also periodically check the level and color of the oil in your car. If the oil level is low and dark, you definitely need an oil change.


Driving with little to no oil in your car can damage your engine. Also, driving with the engine light on is dangerous! At any given time, your engine could stall, increasing your chances of a severe automobile accident.


So remember, if that engine oil light comes on, stop immediately and have your car checked out. Also, if you need oil warning light repair, give Strande's Garage a call today!