Is it time for an Engine Rebuild for your vehicle?

Is it time for an Engine RebuildThe engine in your vehicle can be equated to the human heart. As the heart pumps blood and oxygen through the veins, the engine pumps power to the wheels. While routine maintenance, including oil changes, belt and hose replacements, filter replacements and other 30/60/90K services, will keep your engine well protected, it can still run into trouble, especially at high mileage. If you notice any of the following problems with your vehicle's engine be sure to visit a local auto repair shop for further diagnostics. These problems are often an indication that it is time for an engine rebuild, but more minor repairs may be appropriate depending on the circumstances.

Knocking Noise

If you are driving down the road and you hear a knocking noise coming from under the hood that rises and falls with the engine RPMs you will want to find a professional engine repair shop right away. This is an indicator of worn engine bearings, which supports the flow of moving parts of the engine. If the bearings were to seize completely the engine would fail and a replacement would likely be necessary.

Cracked Block

A cracked block is exactly what it sounds like, a cracked engine block. This can occur for a couple of reasons, but whatever resulted in your car's engine cracking, simply means it is time for an engine rebuild or, in this case, an engine replacement is more likely.

Metal Flakes in the Oil

When the oil is changed in your car it is necessary for the technician to inspect the old oil for metal flakes. If these flakes are present it could indicate that there is excessive friction between the moving parts of the engine. This can cause serious issues that will eventually result in complete engine failure if the problem is not quickly dealt with. Talk to the technician about your vehicle's particular situation.

If you ever suspect engine trouble it is important to get to a repair shop as soon as possible for further diagnostics. The longer you wait the more expensive the issue will be. If you need professional engine repair in Denton head to Strande's Garage. We offer superior engine repair and maintenance for all makes and models. Give our friendly team a call at (940) 566-2156 to learn more about our services or to schedule expert auto repair in Denton today.