Is Your Vehicle Ready For Holiday Road Travel?

Hundreds of thousands of individuals pack up their vehicles every year during the holidays to visit friends and family. If you are traveling this busy holiday, please fix your car before hitting the busy roads. We've broken the preparation into three simple steps:

  1. Get an Inspection Before You Leave - One of the most manageable things you can do for your and your family's safety is take your vehicle to a trusted repair shop like Strande's Garage for a pre-trip inspection. Our brilliant team can take a close look at any noticeable damages, ensure all your lights, tires, and other safety functions are operational, and more. Furthermore, we can top off your essential fluids, including your oil, antifreeze, etc. Lastly, you'll need a good pair of wiper blades to clear any rain or snow you may drive through.
  2. Test Major Components - It can be hard to go through the tedious process of testing all your components, especially if you're not familiar with what to check in the first place. At Strande's Garage, we can test your electrical system (starter, alternator, battery), so you don't have to worry about being in a stranded situation.
  3. Pack An Emergency Bag - It's hard to predict what might happen on hectic roads, so it's always best to plan just in case an emergency arises. We advise you to pack a bundle of emergency supplies. The emergency kit should include all the basics to get you through a mishap: spare, jack, lugged wrench, multitool, flashlight, batteries, flares, jumper cables, water, blankets, snacks, a first aid kit, and a phone charger.

You should spend the holidays happily with friends and family, not miserable on the side of the road. Our team is here to prevent any mishaps on the road, so come in for a pre-trip inspection on your foreign or domestic vehicle. You can call us at (940) 514-8818 or schedule an appointment with us online today.