Keys to Keeping Your Car Safe to Drive

Keys to Keeping Your Car Safe to DriveWith a driver's license and a car comes a lot of responsibility. When you get behind the wheel of any vehicle you are taking your life and those of all around you into your hands. At Strande's Garage we are dedicated to providing expert auto care that results in a reliable, comfortable and safe vehicle. However, we can't do our part unless you do yours. It's important to pay attention to any signs of safety concerns for your vehicle, such as the following. If you ever encounter issues that comprise the safety of your vehicle, such as the following, do not hesitate to visit us for professional, friendly car care.

Worn Tires

What connects your car to the ground? The tires! It is critical that you pay close attention to the condition of your tires, as you'll want to replace them as they become worn to ensure you always have proper control of your vehicle. Bald tread, cracked or bubbling sidewalls or dry-rotted rubber are all signs it's time for new tires. How long your tires will last is dependent on your driving habits and the type of tires that you buy, so take note of their condition regularly to ensure you don't end up with tires on the verge of blowing out.

Squealing Brakes

The most important safety feature of your vehicle is the brakes. While airbags and seatbelts are great in the event of a car accident, it is the brakes that can prevent one from happening. Our technicians are highly skilled at performing brake repair for all makes and models. If you notice signs of brake trouble, such as grinding or squealing, a soft or vibrating brake pedal or pulling while braking, don't hesitate to get in touch with us. Putting off brake repair is not only irresponsible, it's downright dangerous.

Burnt Out Lights

To ensure that your vehicle is fully visible at all hours of the day and night make sure that all exterior lights are working properly at all times. From time to time check your lights by turning them all on and walking around your car, preferably in a dark setting, such as when the sun has gone down or in a dim garage. If you're alone checking your reverse and brake lights can be tricky, but if you can back up next to a wall or other object, you out to be able to see the lights come on and off against the object. Any burnt out bulbs should be replaced immediately for proper visibility.

Keeping Up With Scheduled Maintenance

If you are subjected to a breakdown your car can become stuck in traffic, which is very dangerous, especially if you're on a highway. By keeping up with scheduled auto maintenance as dictated by your car's owner's manual you'll be able to greatly lessen the chances of your car suddenly shutting off.

At Strande's Garage we take safety seriously. We encourage you to visit our Denton auto repair shop if you suspect any safety issues with your car, truck or SUV so that we can quickly diagnose and repair them. To learn more about our shop or to schedule superior auto repair in Denton give us a call at (940) 566-2156 today.