Must Know: Top Signs of Major Engine Trouble

Must Know: Top Signs of Major Engine TroubleWhen it comes to car trouble there are some issues that just can't be ignored. While you may experience a phinicky volume knob on the radio that drives you nuts, it isn't necessarily imperative to fix it for optimal driving performance. Some issues, on the other hand, are a bit more serious. If you encounter any of the following signs of engine trouble be sure to visit the auto shop as soon as possible. Remember, delaying engine repairs will only allow the problem to get worse, resulting in a need for expensive repairs.

Excessive Exhaust Smoke

One of the most common signs of major engine trouble is excessive exhaust smoke. Depending on the color of the smoke you can often tell what sort of trouble is brewing. For example, white smoke could indicate an internal coolant leak, while blue smoke is a sign that oil is burning up inside the combustion chamber.

Metal in the Oil

When you have the oil changed in your vehicle be sure the technician inspects the oil drained from your car. If metal flakes are present it means that there is excessive friction occurring among the moving parts inside the engine due to poor lubrication. Immediate attention needs to be given to the engine to prevent the need for a complete engine rebuild, if it is not already necessary.

Oil Leaks

Oil leaks can be engine killers. While just about every vehicle will develop one at some point during their road life, if not taken care of quickly it end up causing massive engine damage. At the first sign of a drip head to the auto shop.

Knocking Noise

Can you hear a knocking noise coming from under the hood? This is generally an indication that your vehicle is suffering from worn engine bearings. These bearings are what support the motion of the engine's moving parts. If they fail due to poor lubrication or general high mileage wear and tear the engine could seize!

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