My Car Won't Start... What's Wrong?

My Car Won't Start - What's Wrong?When it comes to car trouble few things are as frustrating as a vehicle that just won't start. Luckily, if that can mean anything when your car won't start, is that it is probably a small problem that offers a quick resolution that is causing the problem. For a car to run it needs air, gas and spark, if any of these things are not present the vehicle cannot run. However, a combination of parts must work together to get the pistons pumping. If your car won't start it is likely caused by one of the following four no start issues.

Dead Battery

The most common reason a vehicle won't start is because the battery is dead. If this is the case nothing will happen when you turn the key in the ignition. While batteries do have a lifespan of 3-5 years they can die before that if their electrical juice is drained from elsewhere. Often times a battery will die if a door is left open or if electronics in the car, such as the radio or navigation system, are used when the engine is not running. If this occurs you can generally jump start the car to recharge the battery.

Fuel Delivery Problem

If no gas is able to make it to the combustion chamber when trying to start the car the vehicle's engine will crank over and over without firing up. The most common reason gas won't get to the engine is because of a failed fuel pump, which draws gas from the tank through the fuel lines to the engine. Another two possible issues would be a failed fuel pump or a malfunctioning fuel injection system.

Failed Alternator

The alternator produces electricity that is used by the car when the motor is on. If the alternator begins to have trouble operating you'll experience trouble with other electrical accessories, such as the radio, power windows or seats and others. Another problem is that since the alternator is what charges the battery and the battery provides the initial electricity necessary to start a car the battery will die with the alternator, preventing your from starting your car.

Dead Starter

The starter motor is fed an electrical charge when the key is turned, causing it to actuate its pinion gear to connect with the flywheel and then spin it. If the starter has failed you will often hear a loud click or series of clicks when trying to start your car.

Anytime you have trouble getting your car started it is best to let a professional auto repair technician diagnose the trouble to get you quickly back on the road. For professional no start diagnostics and auto repair in Denton make an appointment with the team at Strande's Garage by calling (940) 566-2156. We are dedicated to providing the best auto repair in Denton for all makes and models of import and domestic cars, trucks and SUVs.