Overlooked Auto Maintenance Your Vehicle Needs to Stay Reliable

Overlooked Auto Maintenance Your Vehicle Needs to Stay ReliableAll cars and trucks require routine auto maintenance to remain safe and reliable. Unfortunately, many of these services get overlooked until well past the date they should have been completed in the first place. Scheduled services help prevent breakdowns and other car troubles, so always be sure to provide your car with the services it needs, which is more than oil changes. The types of service required by your particular vehicle may vary by model, but it's necessary service schedule can be found in the owner's manual. Here are 5 often overlooked auto maintenance services most vehicles require to remain safe and reliable.

Differential Service

Particularly true for vehicles used for towing or hauling big loads, differential service ensures the gears and bearings in the differential don't suffer excessive wear and tear. This service entails draining the existing fluid and replacing it with fresh gear lube.

Coolant Flush

Nearly half of all engine failures are caused by cooling system related problems. As the miles add up, so does the slime in the coolant, resulting in a clogged radiator, heater core or fluid passways. These issues result in overheating that leads to engine damage. A coolant flush will keep the cooling system operating as designed.

Fuel Injection Cleaning

To keep the fuel injection system in tip-top shape it is crucial to perform fuel injection cleaning services as necessary. Tiny deposits that form on the injectors can rob your vehicle of power and fuel economy.

New Spark Plugs

Dirty or corroded spark plugs can fail to properly ignite the air and fuel mixture inside the combustion chamber, which results in decreased performance and fuel economy. Replacing aged spark plugs is a quick and easy way to restore power.

Brake Fluid Flush

Moisture can build up within the brake lines, thus contaminating the brake fluid, resulting in spongy brakes. Brake fluid should generally be flushed when changing the brake pads.

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