Preparing Your Vehicle for the Spring Season


The current winter season is coming to an end, and everyone is eager to enjoy the warmer weather during the spring season. Before road trips, visiting friends and families during spring, make sure you get rid of all ice, salt, and snow damage caused to your car during the winter season. In addition, prepare your vehicle for warmer weather during the summer season. Here, you get more details on how to prepare your vehicle for the spring season; continue reading;

Check Your Tires

During the winter season, snow-covered roads and cold air can be tough on your car tires. The snow can increase friction on your tire treads thus, increased tear and wear. In addition, the cold weather increases the chances of your tire pressure dropping. Thus, make sure you get an expert to get the health of your tire inspected.

Inspect your windshield wipers

The snow during the winter season keeps your windshield wipers in use. The increased wipers usage increases their tear and wears and thus, needs replacement before getting into the next warmer and rainy spring season.

Check your Battery and Filters

Your battery gets more in use during warm and cold weather. Thus, the cold weather during winter could have drained your battery. You should visit an auto shop for battery inspection in preparation for the spring season. A timely inspection helps you avoid disappointment during spring and summer trips. In addition, as the experts inspect the battery, don't forget to remind them to check the condition of the air filters.

Get an engine oil change.

Oil reduces friction in your car's engine, thus reducing engine damage. However, for better oil performance during the summer season, you should use heavier weight oil than in winter. Thus, changing the oil to fit the season is advisable as you prepare your car for warmer spring and summer.

Final Word

Hopefully, it's now clear that proper spring preparation begins with your car. The post has provided you with details on preparing your vehicle during the spring season. So, if you need a spring vehicle inspection, don't hesitate to bring your car to Strande's Garage for professional car services.