Should I call the auto shop if...

Should I call the auto shop if...Car trouble can be experienced in a variety of forms, and many times drivers are unsure if there is actually a problem on board or if they're just noticing something that is temporary or haven't paid attention to before. While not every odd occurrence that happens while driving will make you want to head for the auto shop there are some car issues that will likely make you ask yourself "Should I call the auto shop if..."

My car is leaking fluid?

Nothing should ever be dripping from your vehicle so be sure to contact your local auto shop if you notice a leak. The most common types of automotive fluid leaks include oil leaks, coolant leaks, brake fluid leaks, power steering fluid leaks and transmission fluid leaks.

My car is making a strange noise?

A consistent sound that suddenly arises in your car should usually be checked out by your local auto mechanic. A few common examples of car troubles that are diagnosed by sound include low brake pads, which resulting in a squealing noise when the brakes are depressed, or a grinding noise while shifting, which is characteristic of low transmission fluid.

My car's MPGs have dropped?

Many issues can result in a drop in fuel economy, most of which are relatively small. Such issues include worn spark plugs, a clogged air filter, a leaking fuel injection unit or even an exhaust leak.

My car smells weird?

If you catch a whiff of something strange while cruising in your car it may be worth it to visit the auto shop. Some of the more serious issues that will create a strange odor in your car include a burning smell while shifting, which can indicate a worn clutch or a maple syrup smell, which is a sign of a coolant leak.

My car is pulling to one side?

If your vehicle tends to pull to one side of the road or other it is possible that one of several issues are occurring. Most commonly this is a sign your car needs a wheel alignment but it may also mean your car has tire wear issues, a stuck brake pad or problems with the power steering system.

When you notice things that don't seem quite right while driving your car be sure to get to the repair shop for proper diagnostics before the problem grows worse. For expert auto repair in Denton by technicians who can solve the biggest automotive mysteries be sure to visit Strande's Garage. We offer full service auto repair for all makes and models! Give us a call at (940) 566-2156 to schedule superior auto repair in Denton or the surrounding Texas communities.