Strange Noises that Indicate Car Trouble

Strange Noises that Indicate Car TroubleModern cars and trucks are full of sensors and other devices that are designed to help inform drivers about potential problems with their vehicle. However, even the most technologically advanced automobiles can't detect every single issue. Sometimes, all you need is a pair of ears to determine that something isn't quite right. If you ever hear strange noises coming from your car it's a smart idea to visit the auto repair shop for diagnostics and service. The following are a few of the most common noises you may encounter if your car is having trouble operating.

Grinding Noises

Grinding noises are a fairly common sign of trouble, but it is important to pay attention to what you're doing when the noise occurs.

  • Brakes - If you encounter a grinding noise when you apply the brakes then it is safe to assume that the brake pads are low and in need of replacing.
  • Transmission - Grinding noises that can be heard as the transmission shifts often indicates that the transmission is running low on transmission fluid.

Knocking Noise

A knocking noise that seems to be coming from under the hood and rises and falls with the engine RPMs is a strong indication of worn engine bearings. These bearings support the motion of the engine's moving parts. They can grow worn due to a lack of lubrication and high mileage, but should they fail completely they engine could seize.

Excessive Engine Noise

Does your car's motor seem to be operating at a louder level then before. There is a good chance that this is due to an exhaust leak. The exhaust system helps dampen engine noise, so a leak can cause the motor to sound much louder than normal.

Clicking Noise

If you try to start your car and the engine refuses to start but you hear a loud click or a repetitive clicking noise then you may have a failed starter on your hands. The starter motor is what gets the engine spinning and the click you're hearing is the starter motor actuating its pinion gear, but not spinning.

There are plenty of other noises that can indicate car trouble, so be sure to always visit an auto repair shop if you hear something odd. For professional diagnostics and auto repair in Denton, TX, visit the team at Strande's Garage. There's no problem our technicians can't fix! Give us a call at (940) 566-2156 to request an appointment for quality auto repair in Denton today.