3 Diesel Engine Problems to be Weary Of


3 Diesel Engine Problems to be Weary OfYour diesel work truck hits the road day in and day out, putting up with dirty conditions that can result in numerous engine problems. When it comes to diesel repair and maintenance it is important that you leave the service to professional technicians. Diesel engines run much differently than traditional gasoline motors, so they require a special skill set or else the motor may end up in even worse shape. Be aware of the following issues, because if you begin to notice performance issues with your vehicle it could be related to one of them.

Incorrect Engine Lubricants

One of the most common causes of hard starting is the use of improper lubricant, A.K.A, engine oil. This is because if you use the wrong oil it may allow oxygen into the hydraulic system that assists the fuel injection unit, creating a foam that results in fake fuel injector pressure. It is necessary to use the correct oil as recommended by the manufacturer for different seasons of the year as well due to humidity and other weather related factors. Summertime may call for the use of a single-weight oil while winter weather needs a multi-weight oil to ensure proper engine function.

Faulty Glow Plugs

Diesel engines utilize glow plugs to generate hot air which is compressed with diesel fuel to create the force that pumps the engine's pistons to create the power that moves the vehicle. Glow plugs have heating elements very similar to those in a toaster and should they go bad it will become difficult, if not impossible, to start your vehicle.

Fuel Delivery Problem

A contributing factor that results in a loss of power for a diesel engine is generally caused by a fuel delivery problem. While the fuel injector system may be at fault it is smart to start with checking the main fuel filter, located in the fuel line between the gas tank and the injectors. This filter removes contaminants and water from the fuel and these impurities are collected in the filter bowl. This bowl must be cleaned regularly in order to avoid hard start or power loss issues.

Diesel engines have their benefits, but they do require special maintenance. If you need diesel repair in Denton, TX visit the crew at Strande's Garage for professional service. We strive to provide expert auto repair for all makes and models. Give us a call at (940) 566-2156 today to make an appointment for quality auto repair in Denton.

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