Top 4 Cool Car Gadgets That Every Driver Needs

There are so many nifty car gadgets and tools that most people don't know of. In fact, some of them are so useful and can change your entire driving experience. Today, we've compiled a list of practical car accessories that every driver (at any age) needs to have. 


Phone Mount

A phone mount for you is essential if you depend on navigation apps on your everyday commute. There are plenty on the market, but we suggest you get one that requires no installation. These types of mounts will fasten to your phone with a strong magnet or sensor clasps and clamping onto your air vent. Once it is fitted on there, you can conveniently view Google Maps, Maps, or Waze. 


Portable Hand-Held Car Vacuum

Everyone should invest in a portable hand-held car vacuum at one point or another. Some can even plug into your vehicle to give you a boost in cleaning power. As a result, you don't have to worry about its battery dying in a couple of minutes. When browsing for the ideal vacuum, look for one with several interchangeable accessories that can help you reach the nooks and crannies of your vehicle. 


Cleaning Gel

This gooey and colorful gel will remove all the crumbs and dust in the nooks of your car. Your first impression of this product might be a little silly because it looks like the slime that your kids like to play with. However, cleaning gel is made explicitly for auto detailing. To use it, all you do is squish it into your vents, cup holders, door handles, or console, and it'll pick up all the debris and dust that you can't suck up with your vacuum.


Blind Spot Mirror

These small mirrors are known to have prevented many accidents and proven to be extremely useful with blind spots while merging or changing lanes for motorists. All you have to do is apply them to your existing side mirrors using the self-adhesive pads. The mirrors have a convex shape, which will aid you in seeing a wider range of objects behind and around your vehicle. They're also thin, frameless, and rotatable for different angles and different people.


These items are must-haves if you want an easy and clean driving experience. If your automobile needs any repairs or maintenance, please take it to Strande's Garage. Our certified technicians will service your vehicle and keep it in tip-top shape. Give us a call or visit our shop in Denton, TX, today.