Top Signs it is Time for Engine Repair

Top Signs it is Time for Engine RepairThere are many ways a car can communicate with its operator about potential or current problems. Noises, smells, leaks, and dashboard indicators are all common signs of trouble. The engine itself has a few queues that represent real trouble. If you notice any of the following problems you will want to get to an engine repairshop as soon as possible to ensure that your car does not leave you stranded.

Knocking Noise

The engine bearings are what many of the moving parts inside the engine block. Over time or without proper lubrication due to a lack of maintenance the bearings will begin to wear out. This will result in a knocking noise that rises and falls with the RPMs of the engine. Head to the shop at the first sign of distress to prevent a major breakdown caused by excessive engine damage.

Decreased Performance

There are numerous things that can cause a decrease in performance. Some are relatively simple, such as a clogged air filter, while others are a bit more complex, like a failing sensor. To get to the bottom of why your car is idling rough or suffering from poor fuel economy get to a repair shop for diagnostics.

Check Engine Light

The check engine light can represent a myriad of issues, but many of them are quite small, when they first begin anyway. If these problems are not repaired they will grow into much worse problems that are going to cost much more to service.

Colored Exhaust Smoke

If you notice colored exhaust smoke spewing from your tailpipe it's time to get to the repair shop for engine work. Judging by the color of the exhaust you can often tell what is wrong. Blue smoke means oil is burning, white smoke indicates an internal coolant leak and black smoke is a sign that too much gasoline is being used by the vehicle.

Oil Leak

Oil is what provides the lubrication necessary to keep the motor running well. Should you spot an oil leak be sure to let a technician check it out. Some leaks can be monitored but others require immediate repair.

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