Understanding commercial fleet vehicle maintenance

Understanding commercial fleet vehicle maintenanceAs a person who owns their own business you may rely on various vehicles to complete the services offered by your business. So you understand that it is critical for those cars and trucks to continue to operate with ease. Well those autos rely on you, too, in order to provide those vehicles with proper maintenance so that they don't let you down. By keeping up with scheduled auto maintenance your fleet vehicles will continue to help you make delivery after delivery or service call after service call. Here is why fleet vehicle maintenance is so incredibly important for your fleet.

Keep deliveries and services on time

In order to keep your bottom line above the red you need to be able to complete your services or deliveries in a timely fashion. It takes a healthy car or truck to be able to do this. Putting off maintenance, which includes oil changes, belt and hose replacement, diagnostics, fluid flushes and out scheduled services, you put your vehicles at risk of a breakdown. Not only will this mean that your customers will be quite disappointed when they don't see you at their door when they thought they would, but you're also going to have to dig into your pocketbook to pay for what will likely be some expensive repairs.

Reduce fleet vehicle repair costs

It may seem strange to pay for regular maintenance when your car or truck seems to be running just fine. However, this maintenance is key to ensuring that the engine and other vehicle systems continue to operate at peak performance. It seems reasonable to pay $200 to keep your car running great, as it currently is, then wait a few thousand more miles or so and have to shell out $2,000 in order to get it back on the road following some catastrophic breakdown. It isn't a matter of if, but one of when. Be sure to check your vehicle's service schedule inside the owner's manual to find out what services are needed and when.

Teach drivers to understand signs of trouble

If you have a team of drivers operating your fleet be sure they are trained to inform the fleet vehicle manager when their car or truck is due for service. They should also be trained to pay attention to any signs of trouble so that the vehicle can serviced before any driveability issue is allowed to grow worse.

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