What Happens If I Ignore My Low Tire Pressure Warning Light?

Most modern vehicles use a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS). It uses a series of sensors to track tire pressure. Most vehicle manuals spell out the recommended pressure for driving and below which a driver should take action. When the tires are significantly underinflated, the TPMS low tire pressure indicator on your vehicle's dashboard light comes on to warn you. The warning light illuminates with a yellow color on your vehicle's dashboard in the form of a wheel's cross-section. Many vehicles may even display a low-pressure message and indicate the exact tire where the pressure is low.

Driving Through A TPMS Warning Light

When the indicator shows the low tire pressure sign, pressure has fallen below the manufacturer's recommendation. Do not wait for the indicator to illuminate to get the pressure checked. Make it a habit to constantly check the tire pressure to ensure you maintain the necessary mileage in your driving and avoid getting stuck on the road when the pressure goes too low.

The light indicates that the pressure is below the safe levels. Ignoring the warning and driving with low-pressure tires causes them to flex more. It generates excess heat that overheats the tire components and causes them to wear and tear. The tires further experience excess friction, enhancing the tear and reducing their longevity. The result can be fatal accidents causing harm to the vehicle occupants and more damage to the vehicle.

Low tire pressure reduces the functionality of the vehicle and reduces your gas mileage. This makes driving costlier for you as you spend more on gas.

What Do You Do After The TPMS Light Comes On?

If the TPMS light comes on when you are on the road, find a way to pull over as soon as possible and check your tire pressure. If it keeps flashing, the system might have malfunctioned, and it is a great idea to get it fixed at an auto repair shop. If you need tire diagnosis, repairs, and scheduled maintenance, visit our auto repair shop today and allow us to fix all your tire troubles. We guarantee convenience in our services and adherence to the manufacturer's recommendations.