What is a Tune Up?

What is a Tune Up?While it is important to follow the maintenance suggestions provided in your vehicle's owner's manual it is important to understand that this may not cover all of its needs. In order to keep your car or truck running right you may find it necessary to provide it with a tune up. The term tune up dates back to the origins of the automobile and its meaning has evolved right along with the car itself. It used to refer to tuning the carburetor, but vehicle's today don't use this part. Nowadays it is a general term that references small services to keep your vehicle performing its very best.

When do you need a tune up?

If your car is between scheduled services, such as 30/60/90K maintenance, but isn't running as well as it normally does, then it is probably a good idea to visit the auto shop. Common performance issues, such as a rough idle, difficulty starting or even a decrease in fuel efficiency are all indicators that your car could benefit from some sort of maintenance.

What are tune up services?

There are many services that may be done during a tune up, including the following.

  • Spark Plugs and Wires - Dirty or corroded spark plugs are a common reason a vehicle may not right well. Replacing these can restore power and fuel economy.
  • Fuel System Cleaning - Clogged fuel injectors can prevent the proper amount of fuel from getting to the combustion chamber, thus causing a lack of power.
  • Filter Replacements - The air filter and fuel filter need to remain clean to ensure excellent performance.
  • Diagnostics - Depending on the symptoms your vehicle is displaying it may be necessary to conduct further diagnostics. Using advanced tools a technician can quickly identify just about any issue.

Always be sure to keep up with scheduled auto maintenance, but remember, that may not be enough, especially with higher mileage vehicle. If you find your car underperforming and think it could benefit from a tune up in Denton head to Strande's Garage. Our shop services all makes and models and is staffed by expert auto repair technicians. To learn more about how we can help your car run its very best or to schedule superior auto maintenance in Denton give us a call at (940) 566-2156 today.