What is Leaking from My Car?

What is Leaking from My Car?Did you know that your car uses a variety of specialized fluids to help ensure its smooth, safe and reliable operation? While it is gas that you put in the tank, these other fluids have just as important of jobs. If you ever spot something dripping from your car it is critical that you visit a local auto repair shop for proper diagnostics and repairs. Putting off automotive fluid leak repair could result in massive damage to your car. Here's a look at five of the most common vehicle fluid leaks.

Oil leak

Oil is the lifeblood of the engine. It is what keeps the moving parts lubricated to prevent harsh metal on metal friction. If you spot a black or dark brown spot on your driveway it is likely engine oil. While a small leak won't be immediately devastating, it is necessary to have it repaired to prevent additional oil loss.

Coolant leak

If you see a bright green or yellow liquid dripping from your car that has a sweet smell to it, then it is likely coolant. Coolant is pumped through the cooling system to help reduce the operating temperature of the engine. A loss of coolant could lead to overheating and major engine damage.

Transmission fluid leak

A reddish fluid is used in the transmission for lubrication and operational assistance. A loss of transmission fluid will likely be accompanied by delayed shifting, hard shifts, or grinding gear noises.

Differential leak

Differential fluid looks very similar to transmission fluid. The best way to determine the difference is by checking where the leak is collecting. If it is dripping from near the front of the car, it is probably transmission fluid. If it is coming from between the rear tires, it is probably differential fluid.

Brake fluid leak

While not very common, it is possible to experience a brake fluid leak. This can be devastating as the brake system requires hydraulic assistance to stop the car. This means that insufficient levels of brake fluid could result in dangerous conditions. If you spot a clearish-brown liquid collecting near the wheels, you will want to get to the shop ASAP.

Always pay attention to the signs of trouble that you get from your car. If you spot a leak and believe you need automotive fluid leak repair in Denton head to Strande's Garage We offer high quality auto repair for all makes and models. To learn more or to request an appointment for expert auto repair in Denton give us a call at (940) 566-2156 today.