What Should You Keep in the Car in Case of an Emergency?

Like every other driver, you always have such essentials as proof of insurance and the owner's manual in your car at all times. But what happens when you are enjoying a pleasant afternoon drive with your family, and you suddenly have a flat tire? How prepared will you be?

Well, nobody wants to be left stranded by the highway waiting for a road assistance service when an emergency happens. All the same, the only way to be safe is to have your emergency kit supply at your car's trunk every time before pulling off the driveway. But that is not all. Inspect your car emergency kit every six months and replace all the lost and expired items to make sure they are available every time you need them. Your vehicle's emergency supply kit should include:

A First Aid Kit

Sometimes, accidents will happen - no matter how careful we might be. In such a case, having an emergency goes a long way. You can always purchase a prepackaged kit for less than $20 or less or choose to assemble your own. Be sure to counter-check and confirm everything you might require before putting the kit in your car. The kit should include pain relievers, Band-Aids, antihistamines, and digestive aids to mention a few.

A Reflective Triangle or Roadside Flares

When your car breaks down, a warning triangle comes in handy. It helps you alert approaching motorists about a stationary vehicle by the roadside. In fact, US vehicles registered later than July 2006 are always required to carry at least one reflective triangle in their cars. This is especially crucial when your vehicle breaks down at night or during unfavorable weather conditions.

A Multi-Tool or Tool Kit

Having a multi-tool or a tool kit in your car comes in handy when you need to make quick and simple repairs. Some of the tools present in the multi-tool include screwdrivers, pliers, scissors, and bottle openers.

Electric Jump Starter or Jumper Cables

Having these in your vehicle means that a car battery death will never catch you off guard.

Car emergencies will mostly happen at the most inconvenient times. The best thing you can do is stay prepared by having these emergency items in your car trunk at all times. If you need vehicle repair services, contact us or visit our auto repair shop today.