Where Can I Fix My Car AC Leak?

Summer is in full swing in Denton, TX. While the Texas heat lingers year-round, the temperatures are no joke this time of year. If you are a frequent AC user in your car, it is important that you make sure it is properly blowing cold air. When your car starts blowing warm air instead, you most likely have a freon leak on your hands.


Refrigerant or freon is the substance that is necessary to allow cool air to flow through your vents. And one of the most common AC repairs happens to be freon leak repairs. Since refrigerant is invisible, it can be hard to detect these leaks. 


You must take your car to a professional to detect AC leaks. First, we will test your AC pressure. Most technicians have to use a special technique, which involves adding ultraviolet dye to locate the leak. Once the dye circulates, we put a lamp to find its exact location. Once we locate the leak, we can repair the leak and resupply the system with freon.


Sometimes, car AC troubles can be caused by other problems too, like a loose drive belt, blown fuse, broken condenser, or damaged evaporator. To be sure, it is best that you take your vehicle to Strande’s Garage for inspection. 


You can trust the experts at Strande’s Garage to keep you cool all summer long. We invite you to give us a call or visit Strande’s Garage for spectacular car AC service today.