Why are Oil Changes so Important for My Car?

Why are Oil Changes so Important for My Car?There are few things more convenient than having a vehicle available to you in order to run errands, get to and from your place of employment or for pure enjoyment purposes. If you want your vehicle to be ready to take you on your next great adventure it is important that you provide it with all the necessary maintenance services that it requires. This includes things like fluid flushes, filter replacements and oil changes. That last one there is utterly important in regard to the operation of your car. Here are four important reasons to be sure that you have the oil changed on time every time your car is due.

Reduced Operating Temperature

The oil in your engine reduces the operating temperature in two ways, helping the cooling system prevent overheating. The way first is by absorbing heat produced by the engine. Oil is able to do this when it is new because it is scientifically engineered to do so; as oil ages it loses its ability to do this. The second is by actually reducing the amount of heat produced by lowering the amount of friction between moving engine parts.

Removing Engine Sludge

The oil that circulates through your engine picks up contaminants such as dirt and metal shavings that can create a mud like substance that gets stuck in the crevices of your engine block, making it harder for the pistons to pump up and down. This sludge can actually reduce your fuel efficiency by 4 percent or more. When the old oil is drained from the engine it removes a majority of this debris, cleaning out the inside of the engine and restoring its power and your all important MPGs.

New Oil Filter

Every time that the oil is changed the auto maintenance technician will also replace the oil filter. As mentioned above, the oil collects a lot of dirt, dust and other materials as it circulates through the motor. Much of this gunk gets caught in the filter as the oil flows through it. If the filter becomes too clogged up oil will not be able to flow and your engine will become deprived of the much needed fluid, which will eventually lead to major engine damage.

Proper Lubrication

The most important purpose of oil changes, which ties all these other reasons together, is ensuring that your engine has the lubrication that it needs in order to properly operate without dangerous metal on metal contact.

Don't neglect your car of oil changes, it will only lead to a need for major auto repair. If your car is due for an oil change in Dentonor the neighboring communities be sure to let the expert techs at Strande's Garage take care of it. Auto maintenance is critical when it comes to keeping your car running right! Whenever your car is due for auto maintenance in Denton call Strande's Garage at (940) 566-2156 to schedule an appointment.