Why Fix a Small Oil Leak?

Why Fix a Small Oil Leak?If you have spotted something leaking from your vehicle it is understandable to be concerned. The first thing you will want to do is determine what sort of fluid it is, as your car uses a number of liquids to operate. Oil leaks will appear as dark brown or black on the ground, and should they become wet, a rainbow sheen will be seen.

For some reason many people believe a small oil leak isn't a big problem. While it's true that as long as your oil level doesn't fall below the minimum as dictated by the oil dipstick your car shouldn't suffer any negative effects, it's still smart to fix small oil leaks. Here's why.

It'll get bigger

Ignoring a small oil leak will allow it to get bigger. It isn't uncommon for even low mileage cars to begin to leak oil, so always pay attention to the ground where you park. If you spot an oil leak it is best to visit a local shop that can determine where it is coming from and give you an idea of how soon it should be fixed. If it's completely overlooked that little leak could eventually drain your engine of much needed oil.


Another reason to fix the leak doesn't have anything to do with the car itself, but surrounds the possible harm it could cause to you or other people. Oil is extremely slippery and it could result in someone falling if they were to step on the wet oil spot. Falls cause major injury and could lead to lawsuits if they occur on your property.

Environmental Contamination

Oil is a pollutant that can contaminate groundwater, ruin homes and otherwise disrupt and hurt the environment where you park. Oil is harmful to plants and animals, including your household pets.

Constantly Refilling

If you neglect to fix the issue you will have to constantly refill the engine oil to ensure your vehicle doesn't run dry. Not only is this time consuming,but the costs will quickly add up and they'll eventually surpass the price of the repair that would have prevented you from having to do all that extra refilling anyway!

If you have spotted a leak coming from your car don't hesitate to let a technician take a look at it to determine the best course of action. For professional oil leak repair in Denton head to Strande's Garage. We'll identify the source of the leak and conduct expert auto repair to stop it. If you'd like an estimate for quality auto repair in Denton give our team a call at (940) 566-2156today.