Why Is My A/C Not Cool Enough?

Driving around Denton, TX, on a warm or hot day without working air conditioning can be miserable. You might try to fix it by turning it off and on again or opening and closing your vents. This situation can make you and your passengers uncomfortable, but it can even be dangerous in the upcoming months. So, please don't hold off on A/C inspection and repairs this season. Today, we will discuss the possible reasons for auto A/C malfunctioning. 


The most common culprits for weak or malfunctioning A/C are refrigerant/Freon leaks or compressor troubles. However, it can also be linked to a dirty cabin filter or cooling fan issue. If the air blowing through your car vents isn't cool enough, it most likely points to a freon leak. You should bring your car to an automotive professional for an inspection to be sure. 


If one of our technicians finds that you leak, we can patch up the leak and recharge your A/C system. An A/C recharge is usually necessary if your HVAC system has lost its cooling power. You can try it by turning the blower fan to MAX and following up by turning on the A/C. If the air still isn't cold enough, please bring it to Strande's Garage for a recharge. 


Pinpointing a refrigerant leak on your own be challenging if you don't know your vehicle's parts that well. This is because freon is practically invisible and evaporates very quickly. To detect a leak, our expert mechanics utilize a trusted dye method that reveals the precise location of the leak (if there is one).


Don't delay your annual A/C check-up this year, or else you could suffer in the heat if your car's A/C is broken. If your car's air conditioning is blowing warm air, please bring your vehicle to our auto repair shop in Denton, TX, today!