Why Is My Engine Sputtering?

A sputtering car can be unnerving, and it usually means there's trouble that needs fixing. These signs indicate that your car is either running out of gas or not able to combust properly. It can happen at low or high RPMS, depending on the situation. Let's break down some possible circumstances that can cause your engine to sputter:

Scenario #1: Fuel System Error

A common cause of a sputtering motor, especially upon stepping on the gas, is a malfunctioning fuel system. The fuel filter, pump, and injectors work in tandem as part of one joint system. Over time, the fuel system collects a lot of dirt and debris. It only takes one part to go down to take the entire system down. As a result, you may experience poor engine performance, and of course, engine sputtering.

Scenario #2: Faulty Spark Plugs

Spark plugs play an important role in igniting the air and fuel for combustion to occur. And it is always providing the necessary spark, even after you start the car. If they're dirty or worn, you won't properly start your vehicle or experience engine sputtering.

Scenario #3: Bad Catalytic Converter

The catalytic converter minimizes the amount of pollution that spews out of your car. It also converts harmful engine byproducts, like carbon monoxide and nitrous oxide into less harmful vapors. It may make a sputtering sound whenever it has trouble doing this intricate task.

Scenario #4: Malfunctioning Sensors

A dirty mass airflow (MAF) sensor could also be the culprit for engine sputtering. This sensor monitors the temperature and concentration of air going into the engine for combustion.If this sensor breaks down, it can trigger various problems including poor fuel economy and engine sputtering.


If you believe your vehicle is suffering from one of the following issues above, please give Strande’s Garage a call or visit today! Our certified mechanics in Denton, TX, will comprehensively assess your systems and recommend suitable repairs.